Everett P.  Harry

Everett P. Harry

Everett P. Harry, MBA, CPA/CFF, is the senior partner of Harry•Torchiana LLP and has focused for over 40 years on accounting, financial, and disputes consulting involving government contracts, commercial litigation, and individual losses. Mr. Harry has extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants for claims of lost profits, lost business value, and breach of contract damages. Mr. Harry has presented expert testimony in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. district courts, superior courts, arbitrations, and depositions.

Mr. Harry’s writings on damages and other litigation services topics have appeared in the Journal of Accountancy, Outlook, Today’s CPA, Daily Journal, CPA Litigation Services Counselor, CPA Expert, The Witness Chair, International Commercial Litigation, Business Valuation Review, Litigation Services Handbook, Recovery of Damages for Lost Profits, and Dunn on Damages—The Economic Damages Report for Litigators and Experts. In late 2017, Mr. Harry was published as the co-editor of a 700-page book titled Lost Profits Damages—Principles, Methods and Applications.

Mr. Harry earned an AB in economics from San Diego State in 1971; was an Air Force officer and pilot from 1971 through 1975; and earned an MBA from the University of Southern California in 1976. Mr. Harry joined Arthur Andersen & Co. in 1976 and left in 1985 to form Harry, Evans & Degnan. In 1991, AA&Co. acquired HE&D and Mr. Harry became a partner of AA&Co. until 1997. Thereafter, Mr. Harry first practiced as a sole proprietor and then formed Harry•Torchiana LLP.