Scott  Snider

Scott Snider


Scott Snider, EPI Vice President, nationally recognized industry leader, and lifetime entrepreneur. Two of Snider’s biggest talents: market penetration and rapid growth strategies. In fact, he launched his first business at the age of 17, which he grew exponentially, winning accounts away from larger competitive companies, and establishing notoriety in his local marketplace. At 24, he sold at a premium (his first “exit”) and joined forces with Chris Snider’s private exit planning and M&A firm, taking it from an unknown startup to one of the most influential boutique advisory firms in Cleveland. Since that time, Mr. Snider launched or acquired and has rapidly grown multiple companies with a strategy that is integrated, calculated, and educational, prompting high interest and leading prospects to the next crumb in the trail. Serving owners and advisors alike, the Sniders purchased the Exit Planning Institute and have grown it by 10x. Mr. Snider knows how to lead an industry and deliver real results