Mark  Sabo

Mark Sabo

Financial Horizons, PLLC

Mark Sabo, MBA, CPA, CVA began his career with a “grassroots to NASDAQ” story in which his family’s single auto parts store in Michigan grew to a publicly traded chain of seventy stores with 1,500 employees and $100 million in revenues. He had his hands on every aspect of the business, from sales clerk to senior manager.

Mr. Sabo has worked for regional and international CPA firms whose clients were emerging businesses to Ford Motor Company and the US Department of Labor. Additionally, he was the local CFO level expert in finance and operational best practices, budgeting, due diligence, business valuation, and internal controls structure at two large market TV stations, where he played a key role with both Viacom and Cox Media in acquisitions totaling over $700 million. In 2003, Mark Sabo founded Financial Horizons, PLLC, a business strategy, valuation and financial consulting firm in Seattle. In 2015, he founded Tech Horizons, LLC, consulting to tech companies in growing their business value.